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Absence management is a key issue for any organisation. In a small business, the absence of a vital employee can have far-reaching effects. At the other end of the scale, reducing absenteeism in a large company by even 1% improves profitability and impacts positively on future success.

managingABSENCE provides a flexible service, individually designed to meet a company’s needs and work within parameters tailored to match that company’s requirements.

The absence management service instigates a proactive response from day one of an employee’s absence. A managingABSENCE Occupational Health Nurse will provide support, implement a programme of rehabilitation, and advise the employee on accessing appropriate healthcare services.

At each stage of this process, the employee’s line manager will be provided with detailed and confidential reports via email. Ultimately senior management within the company will be able to access all the collated information within a secure, web based format. This will provide an invaluable tool for identifying employee absence trends; accessing employee absence/attendance data; and providing a record of information relating to health implications of accidents or other processes in the workplace.

As well as providing vital support to the employee, managingABSENCE assists the management of a company in negotiating the potential minefields of new disability legislation, issues of confidentiality, and individual freedom laws.

The benefits of using an absence management service are enormous: absence issues are managed fairly and with reference to an organisation’s own policies; confrontation within the organisation is avoided; potential problems are identified and managed proactively by a support system which encompasses management and employees.

managingABSENCE is a Preventative Healthcare Company, providing a full range of occupational health services. These include pre-employment services, long-term absence management, health surveillance and health promotion programmes. Absence management is vital for the provision of employee and management support which safeguards the health, safety and welfare of an organisation.

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